Osteoarthritis, also known as osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis, is a disease that affects the health of joints, structures present in the skeleton responsible for connecting the bones. The problem causes wear of the cartilage, a coating that helps protect joints, which can compromise the body’s movement and reduce a patient’s quality of life.

Arthrosis Can Affect Multiple Joints.

Arthrosis can affect one or more joints. The hands, spine, and feet are the most affected regions”, says an orthopedist. According to the specialist, arthrosis does not spread from one joint to another, but the wear on one knee, for example, can be compensated for by putting the weight on the other knee, which can cause, over time, wear on the joint of a healthy knee.

“The number of affected joints depends on which disease caused the arthrosis. Countless problems can cause it, from trauma to rheumatoid arthritis”, says the orthopedist. Excess weight, repetitive strain, diabetes, and hormonal disturbances are factors that favor the development of arthrosis and must be controlled to prevent the condition from getting worse.

How To Prevent Osteoarthritis From Getting Worse

To prevent osteoarthritis like osteoarthritis of the hip (ข้อ สะโพก อักเสบ which is the term in Thai) from affecting many joints, the patient needs to seek medical help to treat the disease. “Anti-inflammatory drugs, corticoids, immobilizing orthoses, and even physiotherapy can be used to relieve symptoms. The use of supplements such as glucosamine and collagen and the infiltration of hyaluronic acid can improve joint lubrication.

The practice of muscle-strengthening exercises also helps to control the pain caused by arthrosis, as this type of activity creates a kind of protection for the joints. However, the doctor explains that, in some cases, the pain is so severe that it is necessary to block the joint and implant prostheses to resolve the condition.

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