Food is an essential source of energy. Breakfast, in particular, is something that should not be overlooked. If you are working from home at home, you should not skip breakfast before starting work. If there is not enough food, the body will not get enough energy as well. Here is a menu for cooking at the condo (เมนู ทำ ที่ คอน โด which is the term in Thai) or food you can cook in your condo:

  1. Omelets

It’s the most accessible food. The only equipment used is the pan. When the heat is hot and notices the oil is boiling, then pour the eggs into it. Should add finely chopped meat from the moment you beat the eggs, such as shrimp, pork, chicken, add sprinkles to enhance the beauty of the face like spring onions. Onion, alley, or spicy soy peppers. This menu is super easy to make, with no more than 5 minutes to eat.

  1. Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are a very easy dish that can be stewed in the microwave or an electric rice cooker. Just beat the egg. Add a little water or fresh milk and microwave, press the poached egg menu button. If used with some rice cookers, there is a stew cooking menu. If you want to add more deliciousness, sprinkle with crab sticks or sprinkle vegetables. Eat hot, delicious, don’t tell anyone.

  1. Boiled Eggs

It’s difficult to control the egg yolk to be cooked or undercooked but for good health should be eaten cooked before by setting the pot and timer for 7 minutes, do not break, do not exceed, and the amount of water you put in must flood the egg. Wait for the water to boil over, then take the eggs out and soak them in cold water before peeling them can be applied topped with salad dressing. It can be boiled egg salad.

  1. Instant noodles with meat

Instant noodles should not be eaten as a staple food. But if you’re suddenly hungry and can’t find anything late at night, it’s a good solution. Meat should be included to increase nutrition; believe it or not; more than 500 instant noodles have been created by the creators of this secret Facebook group that talks about living with instant noodles.

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