School is an incredible time for children. However, their brains are constantly developing, which means that their learning needs to continue outside of the classroom. As a parent, it’s important to continue your children’s learning when they’re outside school. 

Don’t worry, there is no need for lesson plans or setting a whiteboard in your house. Instead, you can use the activities that we’ve outlined in this article to keep ensure your children learn and grow when they aren’t in school. 

Let them watch the right cartoons

Believe it or not, cartoons can actually be educational! The trick is to choose the right free kid’s cartoons that are designed to not only educate your children but entertain them too. Cartoons are effective because they not only engage kids but keep their attention which helps them to take on the valuable lessons in each episode. 

Get them some good books 

Books are powerful tools for learning and often work in the same way as cartoons. They use relatable and engaging material to capture and keep children’s attention so they can absorb the lessons embedded in the stories. You may know this already, but books were the cartoons of days gone by. 

The choice is up to you whether you choose non-fiction or fiction, so long as the books are of interest to your children and age-appropriate. 

Try team sports

Team sports aren’t just good for exercise, but they teach children important life lessons too. They show children how to overcome obstacles, work with others to achieve a common goal, and cope with success and failure. These lessons will help them throughout their lives as they grow up. 

Educational Apps

When it comes to your kids, technology isn’t the enemy. In fact, it can be used to help your children to learn outside of the classroom. Your children will want to play video games, so why not make it worth their time? There are countless apps that have been designed to children learn various things such as math, science, nature, and much more! 

Educational Games

Board games and card games come in all shapes and sizes, including those designed to help kids to learn. Some can be dull, so make sure to do some research before making a purchase. Also, make sure that the game is age-appropriate – you want your kids to be able to play it after all. 

Sing songs

For younger children, songs are a great way to learn important things like the alphabet. They may be frustratingly catchy and you may hear them more times than you can count, but they’re worth it for the children. 


Whilst we haven’t been able to cover absolutely all of the options available to you, the items in this guide are certainly a great place to start when it comes to educating your children outside of the classroom.

By Hannah

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