There’s not much secret when it comes to getting online store deliveries or how do online sellers deliver items (แม่ค้า ออนไลน์ ส่ง ของ ยัง ไง which is the term in Thai) . However, to carry out this task efficiently and with quality, it is necessary to pay attention to some fundamental tips about shipping for e-commerce. Check out:

  1. Take Care Of Your E-Commerce Logistics

The first step to ensure fast delivery to the virtual store is the concern with the logistics of your e-commerce as a whole. This involves not only shipping the goods themselves but also the previous process, which comprises:

Inventory control: with a well-organized inventory, it is easier to post orders promptly;

Order separation (or picking): whenever a purchase is made, take the order items and check them to confirm that there are no errors;

Packing the order (or packing): prepare a damage-proof package for transport and take care that it is not much larger than necessary (this way, you do not need to pay more for shipping).

  1. Choose Your Shipping Options

There are three main ways to send products from your online store to customers. Let’s meet them:

  • mail
  • carriers
  • Custom shipping
  1. Offer Free Shipping

Through this alternative, the shopkeeper is responsible for the shipping costs. The feasibility of this strategy will depend on the value of your average ticket. Offering free shipping will surely minimize the rate of abandoned carts and increase sales volume, thus increasing revenue and profit. However, if it is unfeasible for you to offer free shipping for all sales, it is possible to adopt less aggressive but effective strategies. For this, you can offer this benefit under the following conditions:

  1. Make It Easy To Pick Up From The Physical Store

An alternative that is easy to implement — and has enormous potential — is to offer the customer the possibility of picking up the product in their physical store, thus saving the cost of shipping. For many consumers, going to the store can be a sign of good savings. In addition, having a physical branch will help increase confidence in your business and facilitate new purchases.

  1. Allow Tracking Of The Order

Shipping the product usually generates expectations and anxiety on the customer, so sending him an order tracking code will make the experience smoother. Also, this is an interesting way to cut down on phone calls and emails asking for order status.

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