Understood worldwide for its high-quality watches, Rolex is the best watch brand name as well as the initial brand that comes to lots of people’s minds when thinking of high-end watches.

But what is it that has added to Rolex’s tremendous worldwide success, and how has the watch company evolved throughout the background?

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In this article, we’re noting the top most interesting facts about Rolex.

What does Rolex mean?

Many watch brands have been called after their owners, such as Patek Philippe and TAG Heuer, but not Rolex.

Since the owner hasn’t entered into excessive detail concerning what Rolex suggests as well as how it happened, it has given birth to a number of theories.

The most usual story concerning the Rolex name is the truth that the founder was seeking a name that could be articulated in any type of language, looked great on a watch face, is short, as well as unforgettable. This appears to be the most precise concept as it has been confessed by among the founders.

Rolex started using 904L stainless steel in 1985

From 1985 and onward, all Rolex watches are made of this alloy. The majority of watch companies make their steel watches in a type of stainless steel called 316L.

Rolex calls its alloy “corrosion-resistant superalloy,” as well as deterioration is a condition with stainless-steel watches. The reason is that the watch is affixed to the wrist, and this combined with moisture and other harsh substances, such as seawater can make the watch corrosion and corrode.

All Rolex watches are handmade

Even in the commercial age, we stay in where devices that can do most tasks, Rolex’s watches are still handmade. Rolex watches are meticulously as well as thoroughly crafted and assembled to ensure they fulfill the high standards that Rolex is wanting to maintain.

Basically, every little thing for the Rolex watches is made in-house. Amongst the most challenging as well as extensive procedure is for a watchmaker to put together the sophisticated motions that are fitted inside of a Rolex watch. To make sure they fulfill the high needs, they are lastly individually evaluated.

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