The tutor is guided to meet the learning needs of each student especially students that want to Learn Toeic (เรียน toeic which is the term in Thai). Thus, he respects his autonomy, guides and supervises the teaching-learning process. Tutoring, even if carried out at a distance, aims to guide students pedagogically. Also, evaluate your performance so that you achieve positive results. For this, the tutor must be prepared and professionally qualified within their area of expertise.

He must be competent and convey confidence and credibility to the student, ensuring a receptive and motivational atmosphere. The tutoring system must be seen as a support to individual education; in the case of distance learning, it must consider much more than structural factors and assistance to the student. This modality should be seen as assisting with individualized and joint education focused on learning.

The tutor’s work is based on a pedagogical approach that assists the student, offering resources that allow him to achieve his goals in the course in an autonomous way. Furthermore, it must establish an ethical and critical view of society. The tutor must keep a sequence and differentiate numerous information to systematize distance learning, taking the student to the following actions:

– Receptiveness cannot be lacking in the first meeting with the student. The tutor must demonstrate empathy to gain the student’s trust so that understanding between them becomes easier.

– The tutor must explain to the student the issues related to the functioning and structure of distance learning. It is essential to make precise which teaching instruments will be used and the evaluation system and other matters inherent to the course. It should also specify what your role as a tutor in the distance learning process is;

– The tutor also needs to explain to the student the levels of responsibility that teachers have, as well as other tutors, and their participation in different activities to ensure a complete system of individualized learning;

– Show the student the differences in the roles of teacher and tutor since distance learning aims to help students with learning difficulties.

The tutor must have a good professional profile to carry out his duties. Having good skills will be able to exercise his role. The relevance of the position it occupies and the complexity of distance learning require the tutor to master several educational methods.

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