Ignoring the pain in the hips is a more serious issue than the pain itself. You have to pay attention when you suddenly start experiencing pain in your hips, as it can be an indication of arthritis in the hips. The hip is a series of axes lying perpendicular that allow flexion and extension as well as external and internal rotations. The hips aid in bearing forces and weight. It is natural to believe in myths when you are suffering from tremendous pain. But you should Read more [อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai] the knowledgeable articles and posts that will help you to learn the facts and not believe in the misconceptions ever again.

Myth #1: Pain will subside automatically

The onset of hip pain can be sudden or gradual, depending on the condition and its severity. Some hip pain can improve on its own, but when the pain is from a serious condition like osteoarthritis, the pain will increase, and it will put stress on other parts of the body as well. So addressing the pain at the earliest is essential. Allow the doctor to perform the tests and then diagnose the condition. Even if the pain is from a dislocation of the joint, you need immediate medical attention.

Myth #2: Heat is better than ice

Share this information with any orthopedic, and you will know instantly that you have been listening to a misconception so far. Cold application is very effective in reducing inflammation. If the inflammation in the joints of certain areas like the knee, shoulder, and hip reduces, the pain will reduce in direct proportion. While heat therapy can help in the reduction of pain and stiffness in your hip joint, the application of cold packs will aid in controlling the inflammation, which is the source of much pain. And it will also indicate that you are probably suffering from arthritis.

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