Here are few kinds of plastic with the instances of their use as well as the possibility of recycling. Still, you should always check the centers of regional waste recycling factories as far as a lot of them do not reuse all recyclable plastics.

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Plastic number 1 refers to polyethylene terephthalate which is just amongst the most typically utilized polycarbonate polymer material. We know it as PETE or PET plastic. What is PET plastic in our life? Well, plastic 1 is most often utilized in water as well as drinks bottles, food jars, and containers, salad dressing as well as oil bottles, garments fiber, mouth wash containers. Plastic 1 is normally clear in shade and also it is not planned for numerous usages.

PET plastic safety and security

As we have actually stated: PET 1 plastic is utilized in many non-reusable foods as well as drink containers so we hinder it frequently. As a result, it is crucial to understand a few things:

PET plastic is instead risk-free for food as well as beverages product packaging. You can utilize PETE plastic one time. It has got a porous structure so you need strong cleaning products. These products will trigger health hazards leach.

Never heat PETE 1 plastic as this causes antimony leach which is a toxic chemical.

Reuse 1 plastic

The good news is that PET plastic is easy to recycle. Therefore, it is approved at a lot of reusing plants. The plastic products are shredded into tiny pallets as well as reprocessed into new bottles. Recycled PET containers can additionally become a polyester fiber. This fabric is obtained creating fleece clothing as well as carpets or to stuff resting bags, jackets, cushions.


Plastic 2 is among the best sorts of plastic. Likewise called HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, it has got a high strength-to-density ratio which causes excellent wear resistance. HDPE products withstand cold and hot, so they can be used in various weather conditions. Plastic number 2 can be recycled with no damage.

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