In Escape Rooms, Video Games Meet Real Life - The New York TimesWhether or not you succeed in escaping, the main goal of escape rooms is to have fun. Of course, you’d still prefer to leave the room than stay there. Here are our top escape room tips if you want to improve your chances of succeeding.

1. Know the rules of the escape room

You will typically receive guidelines at the start of the session in an escape room. Often, these rules are for your protection, and understanding them can help you succeed in a room! It’s tempting to ignore these when you’re enthusiastic, but it won’t assist you at all! Although following the rules may seem boring, there are occasions when paying attention to the brief instructions might help you.

2. Select the right team

Having a blast with the other players is what makes your escape room experience truly fantastic. We all bring something unique to the table, therefore playing in an escape room doesn’t necessarily require selecting a “very smart” team. Everybody possesses skills that can be useful in an escape room. Choosing a group of people, you will enjoy spending time with is crucial.

3. Never lose your optimism

Escape rooms are designed to be difficult. It wouldn’t be nearly as fascinating if it were very simple. You will have a much better chance of escaping successfully if you maintain your good attitude and view barriers as chances.

4. Be alert!

In an escape room, an hour passes by incredibly quickly; before you realize it, there are only minutes left! You can plan your future moves and decide when to ask for a hint by keeping track of how much time is remaining. Keep in mind what you have left or what you have already opened because escape rooms are precisely planned and structured so that you can solve and open everything within an hour. 

5. Be focused and remain consistent

The majority of escape rooms have a logical, sequential layout. One piece of information leads to another and so on. Therefore, following that trail of clues is your best bet. Avoid becoming unduly distracted by the surroundings. Keep your attention on the clue you are analyzing at the moment.

6. Be a great team player

Leadership is crucial, but taking complete control is the worst kind of leadership. This is not only boring for everyone involved, but it will also lead to blunders and slow down your team. It’s fantastic if you naturally take the lead within your team. Just keep in mind that your entire team must work together for success.

Also, remember to utilize clues, plan, and have fun while trying to leave the escape room!

By Hannah

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