But what are the advantages of studying online when you want to Learn toeic (เรียน toeic which is the term in Thai)? Is it possible to easily adapt to this routine and detach from the traditional model? See now the benefits of studying online and alone.

  1. Increase Focus And Exercise Discipline

Calm down, still don’t give up! Yes, you can improve your focus on studies without coaching or miracle talk. It connects because you don’t have focus; the focus is created. Here’s a simple step by step for you to exercise focus:

  • Don’t be multitasking. Time to study is time to study, and that’s it;
  • Tell everyone in the house that you are going to study;
  • Arrange your study corner;
  • Leave all study materials at your fingertips;
  • Take out anything that distracts you;
  • Say goodbye to the contact;
  • Put your phone in airplane mode;
  • Take 15-minute breaks every 45 minutes of study

Studying online requires a lot of discipline. Remember that you will be an independent student, and you need to control your schedule. Focus and discipline are skills you will acquire over time, and they will be essential for you to win the entrance exam and later help you in college and professional life.

  1. Customized Schedule: You Decide When, How, And What To Study

Do you think it’s absurd to have to reason at 7 am? Studying at home and online allows you to choose your most productive schedule, respect your mandatory tasks and favor your leisure time.

To create a good plan and a perfect study schedule, you need to follow these steps:

  • Put your mandatory routine down on paper (which you can’t miss, like washing up after lunch or exercise);
  • Set your study hours according to your preferences and respecting the previous step;
  • Choose the subjects you will study each day of the week;
  • Include leisure and rest time.

Following the schedule will help you exercise discipline and increase your focus, but remember that unforeseen events happen, and you can adapt when you see fit. After all, that’s the benefit of studying alone; you’re in charge of the schedule.

Therefore, you are free to: study from 6 pm, study a subject in humanities alternating with an exact subject, change a day of the week for Saturday or Sunday, and any other adaptation that is most suitable for you.

  1. Be A Time Wizard: Don’t Leave Doubts For Later!

We know that each student has their own pace and way of fixing the subject; however, in traditional teaching, you need to follow the pace imposed by the course, school, and teachers. In online studies, you can say goodbye to a few sentences:

  • “There was no time to copy.”
  • “Could you repeat the explanation, please?”
  • “I’m in doubt, but I’m ashamed to ask”
  • “This teacher speaks very fast”
  • “This teacher speaks very fast”
  • Because online classes give you the power to control your time and quickly resolve your doubts:
  • Pause class when you feel it is necessary
  • Repeat the explanation as many times as you like
  • Increase or decrease lesson playback speed
  • Come back or skip the class at any time

And in case you still have doubts, even repeating the explanation, pause the class you are watching and quickly search for another explanation on the internet.

By Hannah

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